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US Motorcycle Classifieds is the first and only website providing classified ads for motorcycles that not only provides free classified ads for motorcycles but we don’t not clutter classified ads with website advertising.

When you place a classified ad for your motorcycle, you’ll see it in the top Google search results in about one week.  Just copy the titles of some of the existing classified ads and paste in Google and you’ll see the ad within the top search results.  You can also link to your classified ad by copying the link provided at the bottom of your ad and pasting into Craigslist or other classified ad sites.

If you have a business providing services for motorcyclists or selling to motorcyclists, you can also place a free classified ad.  All of the motorcycle classified ads are free.

It’s a lot of work to maintain a classified ad website because I not only spend a lot of time maintaining and updating software but I have to closely review each classified ads submitted to keep out the spam submissions.  You might wonder how I make money and why I would do that.  Obviously, there are only two ways to earn money from a motorcycle classified ad website and that is to either charge for the classified ads or to place advertising throughout the site and hope that you will click on one or more of the ads.  However, placing ads such as Google ads throughout the classified ads is distracting to people looking at your classified ads.

So how do I make money from US Motorcycle Classifieds?  The answer is that I don’t.  I am might make a few dollars here and there when one someone pays for a featured ad but that doesn’t even pay for the hosting fees.

So why would I spend my time to manage the US Motorcycle Classifieds website?  Because I’m a motorcycle accident lawyer and I like to help out the motorcycle community.  I also created the Motorcycle Medical ID which you can download for free.  Just look for it and the right column.

After posting your classified ad, please be sure to read about protecting yourself from scams.

Please be sure to spread the word about US Motorcycle Classifieds

Phil Franckel, Esq.

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