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Tips to Avoid Title Problems When Buying a Motorcycle

Tips July 22, 2012

Verifying a motorcycle title and VIN has not been easy.  There are hundreds of comments on forums and websites about people looking for a Carfax type service to provide motorcycle VIN and history information.  You can run into many problems purchasing a used motorcycle.  Some of the more important questions are:

  • Is the motorcycle stolen?
  • Is there a lien on the title?
  • Was the motorcycle crashed and rebuilt?
  • Was the motorcycle totaled for any reason?
  • Is the title legitimate?

Ways to verify a motorcycle title & VIN

Get a free VIN check from VINCheck from the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

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Remove Adhesive from Your Car or Motorcycle

Tips July 18, 2012

How to Remove Glue or Adhesive Residue from Stickers on Painted Areas of Your Motorcycle

Older stickers were made of paper and were very difficult to remove because they would not peel off in one piece and leave little bits of paper covering the adhesive making the adhesive much more difficult to remove. Modern bumper stickers, other stickers and details are usually made of vinyl so the entire sticker easily peels off. However, some adhesive may be left behind. On metal services, removing the adhesive is easy but with painted surfaces you want to remove the adhesive without damaging the paint.

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Tips for posting a classified ad to sell your motorcycle

Tips June 5, 2011

You can place a free classified ad at the US Motorcycle Classifieds with a description and photographs of your motorcycle, but now you can also add videos in your classified ads!

Have you placed an ad to sell your motorcycle somewhere else? Be sure to include a link in your US Motorcycle Classifieds ad to the other ad or ads you placed elsewhere to sell your motorcycle.



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  • Motorcycle Insurance Tips

    by on April 10, 2021 - 0 Comments

    New York Motorcycle Insurance Guide Uninsured/Underinsured Calculator Underinsured/Uninsured Coverage to Protect Motorcyclists Find out how much underinsured coverage you really need  New York Motorcycle Insurance Buying Tips Permanent link to this post (28 words, estimated 7 secs reading time)

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