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Q: Why should I place a free or almost free classified ad in the US motorcycle classifieds? 

  1. Some classified ads are free but to sell a motorcycle there is now a very small fee.  It was free, but to try to make it safer for buyers and better for sellers, there’s now only a small fee to create a financial trail.  It was a great idea because just after charging a fee, someone paid it and within hours, PayPal notified us that it was fraudulent and the classified ad was immediately deleted.
  2. Included at no extra cost, you have the ability to place an html text link in your classified ad with out having to know any html.  An example of a text link you might use in your classified ad is Harley Davidson for sale.  Search engine optimization companies look for websites where they can get a text link and will pay a lot of money just to get one.  We give that to you for free, but only for legitimate classified ads relating to the motorcycle industry.
  3. Your classified ad will be instantly broadcast through syndication to thousands of websites all over the Internet upon publication.  This will result in your individual classified ad quickly showing up in the search results of Google and other search engines.  With other motorcycle classified ad websites, their website shows up in the search results but not your classified ad.

Q: I have a company selling products or services to motorcyclists.  Can I place a free classified ad?  Yes, you can place as many as you want for free.  Just contact us so we can verify your identity.  We already found someone impersonating a motorcycle dealer.

Q: How can I contact the US motorcycle classifieds?

Q: Do you have annoying advertising mixed in with the classified ads like other motorcycle classified ad websites?  No.

Q: Why are classified ads almost free and how do you make money?  The US motorcycle classifieds was not created to make money.  There is a lot of work maintaining this site but I enjoy it.

Please be sure to read the “How to” page to find out how to do things like adding video to your classified ad.